Year of Completion
Class Name
Type Composition
Categories or Disciplines
Editorial Design
Visual Design
Type Composition
Project Description
An editorial design venture aimed at creating a visually appealing book, showcasing a curated selection of photographs taken by Karl Blossfeldt.
Project Concept/Design Goals
Blossfeldt, renowned for his magnified black-and-white plant and flower images showcasing their sculptural and textural qualities, inspired this coffee table photography book. The project’s central aim was to not only exhibit Blossfeldt’s exceptional photos but also weave a captivating narrative through thoughtful image arrangement and design. My goal was to enhance the book’s storytelling by considering elements like image placement, typography, color schemes, and aesthetics. I employed techniques such as visual hierarchy, tone setting, and overall aesthetics to deepen the reader’s connection with the narrative. The final result combines stacked and deconstructed images and typography, mirroring the beauty and complexity found in Blossfeldt’s subjects.


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