Year of Completion
Class Name
Nature of Identity
Categories or Disciplines
Editorial Design
Web Design
Project Description
A branding project taking a once culturally significant brand (Playboy) who has since failed to stand the test of time and develop a strategy to evolve the brand to survive the contemporary business world.
Project Concept/Design Goals
The objective of this project was to learn to create the identity and branding systems crucial to the success of businesses, organizations, products, goods and services. I began this Playboy redesign by conducting research to chart the history and mission of the Playboy brand. It was my conclusion that the brand failed to adapt to the rise of the digital environment along with the changing political landscape of the early 2000’s. With this information, I worked to Identify an audience that would be receptive to both the core attributes and new expressions of the brand. From here, I developed brand guidelines, appropriate visual solutions and new branding opportunities that allowed Playboy to fit into a modern cultural and commercial context. is the companion website to the Playboy Rebranding project. This site was designed to walk you through the brand development, objectives, and future design for men's lifestyle at Playboy.  


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