Year of Completion 
Class Name 
Visual Thinking
Categories or Disciplines 
Market Research
UX/UI Design
Project Description
A problem-solving, research-based project developing a new local service with a cohesive brand and visual system, which is then applied to three deliverables.
Project Concept/Design Goals
The core objective of the “Philly Eats” project is to build a brand that serves as a trustworthy culinary guide, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of Philadelphia residents and visitors. To achieve this, the project is divided into three key deliverables, each designed to contribute to the brand’s overall success: a menu brochure, mobile app, and a food festival event with wall graphics and billboards. Through in-depth research and strategic design, my goal was to redefine the food discovery experience, fostering a strong sense of culinary community in the city.


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